Welcome to LaunchCuts

LaunchCuts is a powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for shortcuts on iOS.


LaunchCuts is for both casual users who want better organization of their shortcuts and for power users who have gone all-in on shortcuts but have been wanting more out of the Shortcuts application.

Once you start using LaunchCuts, you won’t want to go back to the stock Shortcuts app for launching and organizing your shortcut collection!

System Requirements and Availability

LaunchCuts requires iOS 13.2 or higher. It also requires that the LaunchCuts Helper shortcut be installed on your iOS device.

LaunchCuts is available for purchase for $7.99 on the iOS App Store.

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TestFlight Beta

Want to try out LaunchCuts before you decide to purchase? Sign up for the TestFlight Public Beta below. The current beta will expire on January 31, 2020.

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Complete documentation is available for LaunchCuts here:

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Press Kit

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LaunchCuts Trailer

LaunchCuts Trailer


Adjustable Grid Size

LaunchCuts on iOS

Folders and Smart Folders

LaunchCuts on iPadOS

Keyboard Shortcuts

Extensive and customizable keyboard shortcuts support

Quick Folders and Shortcuts

Quick Folders and Shortcuts

Work Side-by-Side with Shortcuts and LaunchCuts

Work side-by-side with Shortcuts and LaunchCuts

Multi-Window Support on iPadOS

Multi-Window Support on iPadOS

Bright Icons

iOS 12-style bright icons